We simplify and automate your use of financial data


Automating financial data management and reporting

Auxality is dedicated to simplifying and automating financial data management, visualisation, reporting and document generation.

We provide SaaS solutions together with industry expertise to enable mutual funds effectively manage large volumes of complex data at the core of their business - enabling transparency while facilitating compliance.

We are a creative technology partner serving clients in the financial industry, managing and transforming service platforms. As trusted advisors, we merge tech expertise with business insights.


We built our solutions portfolio to match a wide range of content management and reporting needs for mutual funds. We also have a solid track record as consultants, including development.

Text management

Stop wasting time when updating your fund information. With Auxality’s automated text management solution, you only need to make changes once. All content stays up-to-date and consistent.

Document generation

Take the complexity out of financial and regulatory reporting for mutual funds. Auxality's intelligent tools automate your workflow and generates professionally formatted documents on the fly.

Web Components

Auxality makes visualization of fund information a lot easier. Implement our web components to add powerful features for custom views, comparing funds and portfolio analysis with a flawless user experience.