Our Story S

Serbian - Auxality was founded in the spring of 2018 but the Auxality story starts much earlier. As I entered the IT sector in the 90-ies, I quickly learned the same lesson as many others: when it comes to the role of technology in business everyone just wants things to work. But often it doesn’t. Technology is a must-have but is a fickle and sensitive, but most importantly, dependent on humans. Often there is a problem of not having enough resources or making the right decisions at the right time. This seems to apply to both small businesses as well as large corporations. Technology problems ebb and flow in every solution and over the last decades a large industry has formed to tackle these problems. The IT industry has a massive turnover worldwide, yet every day many business leaders ask in exasperation – why can’t it just work? In 2001 I left the IT consultancy firm WM Data (later Logica, currently CGI) for the new Swedish subsidiary of Morningstar Inc., an American company providing investors with financial information. Over the course of almost 17 years I led the growing Swedish operations, learning the ins and outs of the finance industry. Working for a large supplier of complex and refined data, I saw the same patterns emerge; too often the technical solutions of our clients fell short on delivering in accordance to their expectations. Looking at the Swedish and Nordic markets, my experience has taught me a couple of important things:
1. There is a wide and near-constant lack of qualified technology specialists.

2. There is often a gap between the person with technical knowledge, involved in operations and maintenance, and the person who stands closer to the business development. The former often doesn’t have the mandate to suggest business-driven improvements. The latter may have the mandate but not the hands-on insight and day-to-day proximity to the client which is needed to quickly and accurately suggest improvements that meet changing business needs. 3. The key to this dilemma is to put mandate and responsibility in the hands of an able and business-minded person who works with the client solutions on a regular basis. Finding a person who fits that profile is however very difficult.

I founded Auxality with the goal of solving the ever-constant problem of businesses not utilizing the full potential of technology. My firm belief is that the solution lies in packaging a consultancy offer in a way that allows for advisory services, development and operations to function seamlessly managed by individuals experienced in business transformation. It is clear to me that an offer of such complexity requires a strong, team oriented and supportive company culture. My vision is to provide a premium service with experts that are both able and highly motivated to truly make a difference on the bottom line of the clients’ business.

Along the way I realized I needed substantial industry expertise in the company. Partnering with Kevin Gelotte meant adding expertise from the financial industry, mainly in areas related to technological solutions for financial reporting and regulatory demands on financial institutions. However, the three of us knew that in order to start a company that would tackle the identified challenges we needed more than just expertise.
We were all in agreement that forming a creative, open and engaging company culture was essential. In the end, fulfilling our promises and providing a premium service the company needed outstanding people with mandate and insight working together.

Idealists, entrepreneurs and visionaries all have in common that they fare well when attached to a firm anchor. The next part of Auxality’s story therefore lies with our board members. Together Ulf Sallfeldt and Robert Rudinski provide decades of experience as well as a healthy external-yet-internal perspective. Ulf has an impressive track record in the IT industry with over 40 years’ experience from global giants EDS and HP. He has a deep interest in business transformation and the optimization of business processes by better use of IT solutions, and with that he takes on the role as the “big pictures”-guy; the visionary. Ulf has a remarkable ability to put every issue in perspective and steer Auxality in the right direction. With Robert Auxality is lucky to have engaged an outstanding business owner who has managed to successfully triumph in the tough hospitality business. In order to fulfil Auxalitys vision, we must always perform on top when it comes to customer service. With Roberts extensive experience from a sector primarily driven by high quality expectations, I believe we can add a new dimension to provide great customer satisfaction.
The final part of the Auxality story has to do with the seemingly impossible dilemma – how to find top technology specialists on a market with over-demand and under-supply. I knew that in order to provide premium services we needed to attract people who wanted to have both the mandate and ability to suggest improvements when working with our clients. The concept of forming an international team emerged. When researching for a market that had innovative and entrepreneurial technology specialists, we found Serbia. Hence Auxality is proud to have established an international platform with Swedish and Serbian colleagues working together as a team of highly qualified experts.

Auxality is young company embarking on an exciting journey and we aim to engage many more fantastic people in the years to come. I hope you are one of them!

George Sallfeldt