Operations S

Serbian - As an operations partner Auxality handles a wide range of services. These are based on deep knowledge and experience of what it means to have a business dependent on complex, interdependent and secure information. From application and solution management to continuous functional and technical support, our Operational Specialists assist in managing the everyday activities of our clients’ solutions and business needs.
A critical aspect is content management and the ability to manage versions of content as it evolves. Auxality applies ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) standards which include every phase of a "record" from its beginning to its end. While it is generally applied to information that rises to the classic definition of a record (and thus related to records management), it applies to all informational assets.
When Auxality operates your solutions it’s ensured that your systems’ performance, security and necessary upgrades are managed timely and correctly. Given the nature of the information and the demands on the type of business, our clients often have several pre-defined actions towards their stakeholders that need to be carried out regularly and systemically. Here is where Auxality excels in that we understand both the business requirements as well as the systemic features and limitations, bridging that gap and providing a secure and efficient service. For a vigorous information security Auxality uses standards, academic and professional collaboration. In addition, basic guidance, policies, and industry standards are also applied.