Business Transformation S

Serbian - We assist our clients in connecting their everyday challenges to get adequate information to meet their business goals, providing strategic support to their management teams with the objective of helping create real and long-lasting measurable value. Auxality offers high-end consultancy services that range from in-depth investigations to the enablement of full operational solution. Our Advisors are industry experts and engineers, empowered by the Auxality culture which relies on the importance of solid teamwork, individual responsibility and mandate.
We support our clients with data analysis by validating, cleansing, modelling and transforming data in order to reach the goal of discovering the information that is most valuable. Through this process Auxality creates a foundation for truly informed decision making.

Every Advisor is backed up by our team of Technology Specialists, hence the Advisor is not only a “writer of reports” but personally responsible for the successful implementation of anything the client wishes to develop and implement. At the start of all business transformation projects we assign a Technology Specialist to the project team, before any solutions have been presented, to ensure a swift deployment of technical resources when needed.
We help our clients ensure a clear information structure and data model based on our insights in enterprise modelling. Auxality will lead the data Transformation which is the process of converting data from one format or structure into another. This is a fundamental aspect of most data integration and data management tasks such as data wrangling, data warehousing, data integration and application integration. Auxality always work closely with involved system owners, both upstream and downstream, in order to understand the client’s business needs and to eliminate risks that could lead to negative impacts.

Auxality has the ability to lead a transition from one service supplier (or in-house operations) to another. We can also suggest transformation of processes, technologies and data/information in order to find efficiency gains for you as a client. The Auxality Advisor can assume leadership of the client’s internal teams from project start through to the operational stage.
Once a solution is in the operational stage and our Technical Specialists take over the main tasks, the Advisor still retains the responsibility for overall quality of delivery and is mandated to initialize solution changes and improvements through continuous dialogue with the client. Our Advisors have a wide mandate within Auxality to act on behalf of the client and may procure external expertise or other resources if a project requires it.